Why Peracetic Acid is Better than Hydrogen Peroxide


Peracetic Acid Beats Hydrogen Peroxide with Much Less Heat and Sterilant Needed

REVOX vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) sterilization offers a number of advantages over the use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP).

Most significantly, VHP requires high temperatures, in excess of 50°C. Meanwhile, REVOX VPA works at room temperature (18°–50°C).

In addition, hydrogen peroxide requires a higher concentration of sterilant (95% peroxide).

The REVOX VPA technology also offers the only on-site, in-line sterilization solution that includes multiple chamber-size options and cycle-variability capabilities. REVOX VPA chambers offer a total volume of 417 liters, and 3000 liters, which is more than four and ten times larger than VHP systems. This translates into faster product turnaround times and increased throughput.

Add to that the ability to create customized sterilization cycles; and it’s clear that REVOX VPA sterilization provides critical material and productivity advantages over VHP.