Why Peracetic Acid Sterilization is Better than Gamma Irradiation


Peracetic Acid Sterilization is Safe, Versatile Choice over Degrading Gamma

Radiation-based sterilization methods simply are not appropriate for many manufacturing applications. The radiation can cause some types of polymers to degrade. And some types of delicate proteins or enzymes in products may need to be spared the levels of gamma or e-beam dosing required for full sterilization.

Additionally, because radiation-based sterilization equipment carries high upfront capital costs and safety concerns, it is generally conducted by off-site (contract) processors.

With a true room temperature sterilization process, however, REVOX Sterilization Solutions patented peracetic acid (PAA)-based sterilization process avoids issues associated with the heat-generating techniques of gamma irradiation. Vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) offers a safe, feasible on-site sterilization solution.

Additionally, implementing REVOX into your manufacturing process can significantly reduce the amount of production time spent on sterilization, from an average of 21 days to 3 days.

And unlike gamma sterilization, REVOX VPA can be used to sterilize a much greater variety of products, and can save organizations money in an onsite, in-line processing operation.