Why Peracetic Acid is Better than Ethylene Oxide


REVOX VPA sterilization offers a patented peracetic acid (PAA)-based, room temperature vaporized sterilization process with numerous advantages over ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization.

  • EO sterilization is notorious for leaving behind chemical residuals that can create quality, safety, and regulatory concerns
  • Many hospitals are now discontinuing their use of EO because they don’t want to have a known carcinogen in their facilities 
  • The EO sterilization process incorporates high temperatures in the range of 40°C, which may compromise the integrity of certain product components
  • Because EO sterilization often requires off-site transportation, bolus (trailer load) processing, and lengthy post-sterilization aeration, it adds numerous inefficiencies to the manufacturing process

Together, these extra sterilization steps mean that producers need to manage large inventories of work in process (WIP), which takes up excess space and a large amount of production time.

By contrast, the REVOX VPA sterilization method works at room temperature. Not only does this ensure better material compatibility, but it also allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of valuable production time they spend on sterilization -- from an average of 21 days to 3 days.

REVOX Sterilization Solutions provides the flexibility of off-site contract service with same-day turnaround, or you can choose safe and fast onsite sterilization that can be built into in-line processing operations. This JUST-IN-TIME sterilization facilitates lean manufacturing and on-site quality control.