On-site Vaporized Peracetic Acid (VPA) Sterilization Units


On-site placement and operation of a vaporized peractic acid (VPA) sterilization unit is safe, simple, and efficient.    


Available large-capacity units can eliminate inefficiencies associated with off-site processing, such as long turnaround times, external quality processes, and the need to maintain large inventories. In-production-line -- or Just-In-Time Sterilization® -- may further optimize your efficiencies.

The REVOX Sterilization Solutions team assists customers in planning the most efficient on-site solution to achieve their unique objectives.    

Our VPA on-site solutions include full validation services, installation, operator training, and world-wide technical support access through one of our many service center locations. Below are the technical specifications for the REVOX417L and 3000L systems. 

image of technical specifications for 3000L REVOX Sterilization Solutions unit

In-house sterilization comparison