Off-Site Vaporized Peracetic Acid (VPA) Sterilization Services

Off-Site Contract Sterilization Services unit image

Our off-site contract sterilization services option gives our customers access to a VPA sterilization technology that is efficient and economical, especially for dealing with small-run quantities or when customers do not have the space or the resources to manage a REVOX™ unit within their facility.

Our skilled team of microbiologists and highly trained operations staff can process customer products in our ISO-rated facility. In many cases, products delivered to our facility in the morning of the scheduled cycle date can be shipped out that same day.

Our unique vaporized peracetic acid (VPA), room temperature and non-toxic service, with over 100 compatible materials tested provides optimum performance and reliability with quick turnaround that allows for Just-In-Time Sterilization®.