Room Temperature VPA Sterilization

Room Temp Sterilization Eliminates Challenges for Heat-Sensitive Material

As new materials and more sophisticated designs create ever-expanding opportunities for true product innovation in the medical, biological, and drug delivery fields, the ability to sterilize these products and materials can “make or break” the path to market. 

Many of these newer materials, such as sensors and biologicals, are heat-sensitive, so the sterilization processes using high-temperature steam or “low-temperature” hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, and gamma/E-beam irradiation may be harmful as well as impact the integrity and function of those material components.  

REVOX (True Room Temperature) Sterilization Solution

The REVOX process offers true room temperature sterilization (18–30°C) and aseptic processing capabilities throughout all phases.

The REVOX sterilization system does not utilize heat in order to create the vapor-based REVOX PA® sterilant, allowing for virtually no increase in temperature. Nor does it require high temperature/humidity pre-conditioning.  Room Temperature sterilization provides greater materials compatibility. Unleash your potential. 

REVOX room temperature sterilization advantages graphic
Other methods of sterilization operate at higher temperatures, but REVOX conveniently operates at room temperature (18–30°C).