Vaporized Peracetic Acid (VPA) Materials Compatibility

Typical Material Sterilization Compatibility Challengesperacetic acid sterilization superior materials compatibility image of vials

With legacy sterilization methods such as gamma/E-beam irradiation, ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization, or steam autoclave, materials used in the end product must be chosen carefully to ensure compatibility with your sterilization process. 

Many materials that may otherwise be ideal for optimal product design simply are not suitable with these common sterilization methods. This limits overall product innovation potential and, if it is not considered prior to product design, interferes with overall project progression, objectives, and product launch.

The REVOX Sterilization Solution

The REVOX Sterilization Solutions process uses a proprietary peracetic acid (PAA) biocide, REVOX® PA, delivered in a vapor form that gently sterilizes products with superior material compatibility and low residuals, also known as VPA. This, along with the room temperature sterilization process, allows the use of chemical and heat-sensitive materials that were once off-limits to innovative product development.