How Vaporized Peracetic Acid (VPA) Sterilization Works

Room Temperature VPA Sterilization

The REVOX Sterilization Solutions technology uses room temperature VPA, which is injected into a pressurized chamber. The room temperature VPA delivery greatly improves material compatibility over other sterilization methods that incorporate heat such as hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, and gamma/E-beam irradiation.

A sterilant at room temperature in a vaporized form has a lower reaction potential on materials, therefore material compatibility is drastically improved at room temperature as opposed to other modalities requiring the use of heat. Peracetic Acid (PAA) was introduced over 35 years ago and is recognized as a potent sporicide that does not require elevated temperatures. PAA and VPA are highly biocidal sterilants that maintain efficacy in the presence of organic soil while removing surface contaminants.