REVOX Sterile Processing Capabilities


Sterile Processing image of female REVOX technicianTypical Sterile Processing Challenges

  • Materials compatibility issues associated with “low” temperature gas sterilization, radiation, and steam methods
  • Chemical residuals impacting device integrity, quality or safety
  • Long contract processing turn-around times associated with pre-conditioning and post sterilization aeration requirements
  • Small in-house gas plasma chamber options limit throughput efficiencies
  • Exorbitant capital requirements to achieve on-site efficiency
  • Limited dedicated, expert support to address unique project objective

REVOX's Unique Sterilization Process

  • Gentle room temperature process (18oC – 30oC)
  • No harmful residuals
  • PAA chemistry breaks down to CO2, H20, and O2
  • No lengthy pre-conditioning or post-processing aeration required
  • Multiple chamber configuration options for safe, efficient, on-site sterile processing
  • Fast turn-around contract sterilization services
  • Expert guidance to help meet technical, operational, and financial project objectives