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REVOX sterilization uses a room temperature, vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) that is the most gentle sterilization method available for fragile biologicals. The Revox sterilization process may be the ideal method to ensure sterilization while leaving delicate proteins intact.

Orthopedic Implantable

The superior materials compatibility performance of the REVOX sterilization process allows for material sterilization applications that are sensitive to heat and chemical exposures of other sterilizations processes. As new materials emerge that may be ideally suited to the next orthopedic innovation but restricted by standard sterilization methods, the REVOX sterilization solution may make the difference between “concept” and “product”.


One of the major barriers in medical device electronics design is the inability for sterilization processes to safely sterilize batteries due to risk of explosion or damage to the battery. The room temperature REVOX sterilization process and non-explosive PAA sterilant enables processing of battery-integrated devices.   Chemical or optical sensors are also ideally suited to the gentle VPA chemistry and room temperature REVOX sterilization process.

Donor Tissue processing

Peracetic Acid-based (PAA) sterilants have been reliably used to process donor tissue used for implant for decades. The proprietary Peracetic Acid vapor and true room temperature process of the REVOX sterilization process brings unique opportunities for onsite donor tissue sterile processing capabilities.


Elevated temperatures associated with  ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization processes can degrade the pharmaceutical or biological compounds within syringes. Aeration cycles during EtO processing can unplug syringes creating an ingress opportunity for EtO to reach the syringe content.   The REVOX sterilization process operates at a true room temperature allowing sterilant contact with contents inside a syringe that will not compromise the functionality of the syringe itself. 

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