A New Approach to Biologics Sterilization

  • Posted on: 15 May 2014
  • By: Mason Schwartz

Biologics lack viable options for sterilization and REVOX® Sterilization Solutions is striving to change that.  Peracetic acid vapor sterilization (PAA) is the latest approach in biologics sterilization.  It differs from other methods by offering true room temperature sterilization, without the use of heat. 

PAA is a vapor composed of two active compounds—hydrogen peroxide and PAA.  The PAA vapor denatures proteins and interacts with cellular elements, breaking them down and inactivating routine functionality.  These proteins are attacked by PAA vapor through oxidation of amino acids, carbonyls (specifically tryptophan), cyteine, and methionine, ultimately leading to terminal sterilization. 

Because REVOX Sterilization Solutions is an efficient and delicate method of sterilization biological implants can be sterilized without damage.  PAA is soon to become the new standard for sterilization of Biologics.  For your company, consider REVOX Sterilization Solutions’ PAA vapor sterilization method for accuracy and optimal patient benefit. 


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