Current Sterilization Options Limiting Your Innovation?

  • Posted on: 17 March 2014
  • By: REVOX Steriliza...
Are the Current Sterilization Options Limiting Your Innovation?

The REVOX™ Sterilization Solutions team recently had the opportunity to sit down with a panel of medical device design experts to educate them on our unique sterilization technology.

Learning more about our capabilities spurred a discussion around the impact that legacy sterilization methods have had on their design capacities and the resulting inefficiencies.  Sterilization is often an after-thought when creating a new device; however, it can become a design obstacle which can hinder innovation.

REVOX Sterilization truly is different and can assist in overcoming these obstacles to unleash innovation.

Consider previous or current projects where ideas have arose but have not been viable because of current sterilization restraints.

Most designers and engineers in the industry have likely uttered the words, “That would work, but we would not be able to sterilize that.” REVOX poses the question of how many new innovations you may have had that could have been better; or, where would you have used motors, batteries, biologics, enzymes, or more suitable materials but couldn’t?

With REVOX, you can have a true room temperature sterilization process with excellent material compatibility, variable cycle parameters, that allows you to explore more options which up until now have been impossible.

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