Can Biologics Stand Up To Sterilization?

  • Posted on: 22 April 2014
  • By: Mason Schwartz

Innovators within the biologics industry segment seem to be uniformly frustrated at the lack of viable sterilization options for their products, accepting aseptic processes as the “next best thing” to sterilization.  

Alternatively, achieving sterilization through gamma/e-beam, or ETO often sacrifices integrity, efficacy and viability of the biologic.  The REVOX® Sterilization Solutions team is collaborating with innovators and researchers to investigate novel approaches to meet these challenges with the REVOX room temperature, low residual, sterilization process. The goal is to ensure that sensitive tissues, matrixes and implantable biologics are effectively sterilized with no damage and optimal viability. 

Speak to a REVOX Sterilization Solutions team member to learn more about the potential for REVOX to enable your biologic innovation.