About REVOX Sterilization Solutions


REVOX VPA Sterilization and Cantel Medical: Dedicated to Infection Control and Prevention

REVOX® Sterilization Solutions and Cantel Medical is part of the Cantel Medical Corp (NYSE:CMD), a medical device company dedicated to infection prevention and control. The REVOX Sterilization Solutions team includes mechanical engineers, chemists, microbiologists, quality assurance and regulatory affairs professionals.

The REVOX Sterilization Solutions team will work to understand your challenges, concerns, and opportunities and provide expert insight to help you decide if REVOX VPA sterilization is the right sterilization solution for your product or product concept, and/or operational efficiency improvement goals.

The REVOX VPA Sterilization Syst was developed by Medivators and is sold and marketed by Mar Cor PurificationMedivators and Mar Cor Purification are subsidiaries of Cantel Medical Corp. and share the same campus in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Operated under ISO 13485:2003 Compliant Quality System